Prices -

Mast Photography -

Single Setup - images supplied on CD or Dropbox....... £145.00
this will cover most estate agent sales and includes plan lines etc
Multiple Setups - images supplied on CD or Dropbox...£185.00
½ day rate - images supplied on CD or Dropbox.........£215.00
Full day rate - images supplied on CD or Dropbox.......£325.00

Interior, Exterior & Floorplan Package - images on CD or Dropbox ..£175.00
Please contact us for other quotes.

Mileage will be charged @ 60p per mile round trip
- no charge under 10 miles.

Images can be supplied at any size - for print or for the web - just ask

We can also supply prints, digital photo books and web
ready images of any of the photographs taken.

Please contact us if you have any questions about these prices.

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